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Faeries And Angels Abound
A little about me, faeries and angels....

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Tiny Angels

Everyone needs a Tiny Angel in their lives! They are only 9 to 9 1/2 inches tall. Why so small? They can sit on your computer smiling at you while you work. They can be a tiny reminder of God's love for you. They can be a gift from you to help show someone you care. They can help dry someones' tears. They can ride with you in your car. Remember, never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly! They can proudly hold our wonderful American flag. As you see, everyone needs a Tiny Angel in their lives!

Drawing and painting Faeries

I started out painting and drawing Faeries. Spinning my Faerie tales as I created the magical little beings. I called my encounters Faerie Sightings. Living here in beautiful North Carolina, it's very easy having faerie sightings. Trying to capture them in pen and ink or re-createing them in fabric has been a wonderfull and magical challenge.I hope you will enjoy journeying with me as we go further into the Land of Fey!